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LRW Engineering can provide training programs tailored to your needs. Full technical training programs are designed to enable you to independently complete any tasks within our capability matrix, and basic training to feed into higher level presentations.


Please contact us and we will design a training course to your specifications.

Engineering training

Complete and thorough knowledge transfer of any of our engineering competencies at a technical level through to basic training can be prepared. Basic training can be fed into task force activities and assist with quality processes such as 8D and Fishbone Analysis. 

See also: Quality 

Dealership training

The interactions between faults and diagnostic trouble codes being raised can sometimes be extremely complex. Our knowledge and investigation of overall system interactions and the possible manifestations of faults puts LRW in an advantageous position to deliver dealership training.

Our auditing methodology can also be used to aid with PDI, production support, end of line testing and fault finding.

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