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We offer a range of testing applications including environmental testing, robustness/fleet testing, powertrain integration testing, system dynamics characterisation, hardware and software fault insertion, electrical systems testing, environmental sign-off, component and vehicle testing.

Environmental testing

Whether its extreme cold, extreme heat, cold altitude or hot altitude we offer location consultation through to fully managed environmental testing with thorough knowledge of the locations and their limitations. We feed this knowledge into test plans to complete the most relevant testing efficiently. Countries include Sweden, USA, Tenerife, Spain, Austria and Switzerland.

Robustness fleet testing

Vehicle fleet testing and management can be a good indicator of in service robustness. Our prior involvement in fleet testing as well as data handling and collection from remote loggers, which can make calibration changes based on events, make LRW well qualified for involvement at every level.

See also: Project management, Data processing and handling

Powertrain integration testing

When integrating sub-components or systems in a powertrain package, the system interactions and quality should be thoroughly analysed and tested. LRW can input into this process from a theoretical level before integration, to quality inspection and testing. Data can then be processed for a variety of situations and included in an engineering report.

See also: AuditingSystem integration, Production quality

System dynamics characterisation

As system dynamic characterisation is a major underpinning of diagnostic calibration, LRW engineers are extremely experienced in developing test plans in order to efficiently ascertain system performance through analysing control strategies, component design and real-world response to inputs. Recommendations and their respective work load efforts and risks can be supplied to negate any issues found.

See also: Calibration, Auditing, Control Systems, System Design

Software and hardware fault insertion

We can conduct and provide test instructions and software tools for both software and hardware fault insertion for manual and our automated methods. Where hardware fault insertion is not always possible in a timely manner, LRW can conduct back to back testing to align a software insertion method with the equivalent hardware fault level. During this process we look for system response, emissions and component behaviour to be aligned, this feeds a large part of emissions testing for OBD.

See also: Emissions, Software Design 

Component testing

Failure mode analysis, system control/response and the effect of control strategies in relation to hardware limits are services included when individual component testing or system integration is required.

See also: Auditing, Production quality, System integration.