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LRW have engineers experienced in software design, both for app development and rapid prototyping module software, leading to increased efficiency.

Application development

LRW are continually creating and developing bespoke applications and tools to help with tasks ranging from automated testing controls and data organisation to post-processing tools capable of mimicking module software to process software or calibration changes. 

Explore our current library of software tools below, ranging from standalone C# to VBA.

See also: Testing, Data handling and processing

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Clearing the way to efficient testing

Efficiency is always key. 'Clarity' works with existing calibration software speeding up testing by automatically naming data logs, tracking progress, giving visual and audio prompts during tests and making calibration changes on test start or by using customised shortcut buttons.

The automation and shortcuts leave engineers more time to focus on the data collected.

Rapid prototyping

Following on from our desktop software simulation, we can rapid prototype the software changes and run it on the control module to give real time data and software validation.

Rapid validation

Our experience of delivering calibrations and designing software to comply with worldwide emissions standards is helped by rapid prototyping. This process allows the newly designed software to be hooked onto the existing module software and the change validated before the time and expense of a complete software drop. This is also beneficial in terms of debugging and validating correct behaviour before the design is finalised.