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With emissions standards constantly changing and getting ever tighter, we have years of experience of emissions testing to EU standards including EU6d, JOBD, L6 and EPA CARB to name a few. We also interface with legislative bodies, design software to comply with the relevant standards, conduct certification demonstration testing and use environmental laboratories to simulate worst case testing in controlled environments. 

Emissions testing and certification demonstration

Through the use of data loggers, we can log emissions tests unattended with the ability to trigger calibration reactions, which could be software fault insertion or reactions to nearing hardware limits. Emissions data is run through our in-house tools which summarise the test and emissions into a concise view, but also can show in-depth analysis between two tests to determine where an emissions increase occurred.

Certification demonstration is a natural extension of our emissions testing service. We have in the past demonstrated to CARB and VCA for witnessed tests and production of documentation from fault tree analysis to particulate filter regeneration adjusted emissions results.

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Climatic dynamometer testing

Environmental laboratories can be used to produce sensitivity testing and worst case testing in a controlled environment. We have used such facilities to calibrate and validate warm-up profiling and time to closed loop emissions according to CARB regulations.