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LRW have a track record of designing, developing, integrating, testing and delivering control systems in a wide range of applications drawing on an extensive and diverse sphere of experience.

LRW’s capabilities provide us with the ability to manage the control system from the embedded code on the processor through to how the system as a whole interacts with its environment and other subsystems.

Control systems

  • Full V-cycle software development with requirements management and version control.

  • System requirements definition, coding & simulation.

  • System integration, test & validation.

  • Full HiL rig specification, design, development commissioning and delivery with on-going support.

  • HiL rig recycling, modify and update existing facilities to accommodate new projects.

  • Test design and automation for increased facility usage.

  • Automated test report generation using frequency domain comparison algorithms.

  • CAN integration.

  • Multi torque systems with ICE, HEV & EV control.

  • Rapid prototyping, on target or with additional bespoke hardware, including FPGAs.

  • PC based SW tool design for test control, CAN bus analysis, data management & integrating OEM applications.

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