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LRW are well versed in providing both full calibration packages and consultation on calibration methods and processes including calibration to certification, offline calibration, IUMPR and trouble code selection and documentation. Our calibration abilities include:

  • Engine and air-path diagnostics.

  • Powertrain calibration including EGR and boosting.

  • Battery management systems.

  • Non-powertrain module calibration and controls.

  • Off-board diagnostics.

  • Control module software design and simulation.

  • Integrated vehicle health management (IVHM) and prognostics.

Calibration through to certification

Working for a leading automotive OEM, LRW provide full turn-key diagnostic calibration including emissions testing to the relevant standards, interfacing with legislative bodies and full development and sign-off testing tailored to the project and customer needs. We have delivered platforms from EU2 to EU6d and EPA CARB regulations, developing calibrations and compliant ECU software.

The nature of diagnostic calibration requires a sound knowledge of the capability and limitations of the system in question. Our engineers use their experience and analytical approach to define these system boundaries, developing robust calibrations and test plans. We integrate our calibration and validation testing into our client's team to provide feedback and recommendations for system design, software development and other calibration and control changes.

All of our calibration changes are rigorously tested, validated and tracked through our internal processes. We can also offer Creta management and integration.

Certification documents such as fault tree analysis and fault symptoms are also supported and deliverable from LRW.

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Offline calibration

We develop a range of bespoke tools to aid with offline calibration which allows us to process the impact of a calibration change over a defined data log, or to post-process thousands of data files from simple to more complex changes. This ensures that all previous data can be used to inform calibrations without the need to gather more data.


Our in-house tools can also map a range of data in various formats with or without boundaries that feed into our engineering reports.

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Diagnostic trouble code selection and calibration

Trouble code selection to SAE standards is a vital part of any vehicle calibration as it allows service and dealerships to correctly diagnose any fault codes raised. We also offer dealership training, support and documentation.

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In use performance ratio monitoring (IUMPR)

IUMPR is a legislated minimum requirement monitoring completions over drive cycles. We can calibrate the IUMPR behaviour, calculate it over fleet testing and our bespoke calibration tools can calculate IUMPR statistics when running calibration changes over previous data.

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