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LRW are happy to lend their experience in the form of independent auditing for peace of mind and confidence when submitting a project to authorities, or system auditing to ensure safety and reliability for your team and products. 

Independent auditing and certification compliance

To ensure full confidence, especially when certifying to legislative bodies and authorities, LRW can provide a comprehensive certification check based on our knowledge of providing full calibrations to the highest standards. This will ensure that regulations are met and give an independent third party approval to your work, with recommendations or processed changes submitted back to the client.

System and vehicle appraisals

Safety and reliability are key to delivering a project on time and to budget. LRW can provide appraisals ranging from control strategies that may cause component damage or unwanted behaviour to full vehicle mechanical inspections to ensure the build and rework is done to the correct manner.

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  • Legislation compliance (including EU, CARB, China and Korea).

  • Production Vehicle Evaluation (PVE).

  • Vehicle emissions.

  • OBD emissions.

  • Calibration approach.

  • Module software compliance with legislation.

  • MIL light calibration.

  • Fault codes.

  • IUMPR reporting.


  • Vehicle safety checks from build or rework.

  • System mechanical safety checks.

  • Vehicle future failure analysis.

  • System future failure analysis.

  • Failure mode analysis.

  • Control strategy checks.